At SAPPHIRE CARGO, each piece of cargo gets personalized service. From the moment we receive the cargo, our Cargo Professionals take over, and Total Service begins. From the planning and mobilization, to actual shipment, each piece of cargo gets treatment tailor-made to suit its specific requirements. Monitored by radio and computers, the cargo is never out of our eyes.

    SAPPHIRE CARGO’s TOTAL SERVICE frees you from all the hassles of cargo forwarding, giving you more time for more important affairs. You know that your cargo is in good hands. There is simply no way that your cargo can get better, more professional and careful handling than SAPPHIRE CARGO can give.


    For our clients to do business at any point in the world, SAPPHIRE CARGO has established good strong links with major international forwarders, sea and air carriers, and brokers in a worldwide shipping network covering all important seaports, airports, and business centers in the world.

    From Singapore to Stuttgart, New South Wales to Athens, Hong Kong to Illinois. Wherever your cargo is, SAPPHIRE will get it where you want it, when you want it, and how you want it.


To be a world-class international cargo forwarder, exhibition logistics provider, and customs broker of choice.


The Pursuit of Professional Excellence in Customer Service, Human Resources Development, Service Quality, Relationship with our Business Partners, and Community Service.